How I Designed the Cigar Stand / Club Caddy

A few colleagues asked me how I designed my St. Patrick’s Day shamrock cigar stand + club caddy so here is a timelapse video I captured showing how I did that using Autodesk 123D Design.

In the video, you’ll see how I sketched the major features (first from the top profile, next from the side profile), extruded them once I was comfortable with the sketch dimensions, tweaked the extruded items, and then mirrored one side to the other (huge timesaver when designing a symmetric object). The video ends with me drawing a cigar and a golf club grip for referencing. At the point where the video ends, I was ready to export to my slicing software Simplify3D and print a prototype to test fit/finish. The major things I did after this video ends was to carve the “flap” out for the cigar and club rests, tweak the hinge so that it rests at a perfect 90-degree angle when opened, fillet/round the edges and added the shamrock.